Dexter  Corner is also home  to another Small breed of critters. "Babydoll  Sheep"
For years I  wished to own a small flock of Babydoll Sheep. 
 I have owned several other breeds over the years but once
 I learned of these unique little "Woollies". I knew I had to have some. My intent is not to have a huge flock. I just wanted a few for pets and to help keep the grass down that cows won't eat.

Sire:  10287 Sheepfields 349 TW Black
Dam: 8488 MLSF OHU343-30 Katrien TW Off White
Born April 26/2011
My Little Sheep # 171   #11463 NABSSAR
"Gypsy Girl" of Ricker's Hamlet
Sire 10394 OE  MY LITTLE SHEEP MO5497-0235 Martin TR White
Dam: 7408 MLSF OHU343-34 SASSY TW Off White
                     Born March 10,2011
My Little sheep # 164  #11351 NABSSAR
Sire: 11154 Fuller 0994 RR Huldrych SG White
Dam: 10830 MLSF 0226 ELYSE TW Off White
Born March 22/2011
This is Katie when she was born and today
Born  March 20/2012
Sire Darby
Dam Sweet Honey
Katie had twins in 2016
     male & female
So continues The  "Wooly" adventure on The Corner~!
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Tim O'Donnell
10925 N 640th St
618 483 5081
Thanks to Susan Riker and "My Little Sheep" for sharing  their pics with me~!
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This page was last updated: February 27, 2017
Gypsy had a blk ewe lamb  March 3rd
Honeys lamb was born dead  this year.2013
Shearing April 2014
Sheep resting Feb 23 2017