For years I  wished to own a small flock of Babydoll Sheep. 
 I have owned several other breeds over the years but once
 I learned of these unique little "Woollies". I knew I had to have some. My intent is not to have a huge flock. I just wanted a few for pets and to help keep the grass down that cows won't eat. 
I have now owned a small flock for the past 8 years.

My Little Sheep # 171   #11463 NABSSAR
"Gypsy Girl" of Ricker's Hamlet
Sire 10394 OE  MY LITTLE SHEEP MO5497-0235 Martin TR White
Dam: 7408 MLSF OHU343-34 SASSY TW Off White
                     Born March 10,2011
My Little sheep # 164  #11351 NABSSAR
Sire: 11154 Fuller 0994 RR Huldrych SG White
Dam: 10830 MLSF 0226 ELYSE TW Off White
Born March 22/2011
Katie had twins in 2017
     male & female
So continues The  "Wooly" adventure on The Corner~!
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Tim O'Donnell
10925 N 640th St
618 483 5081
Thanks to Susan Riker and "My Little Sheep" for sharing  their pics with me~!
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This page was last updated: February 10, 2020
Gypsy had a blk ewe lamb  March 3rd
Honeys lamb was born dead  this year. 2017
Shearing in  April 
Sheep resting Feb 23 2017
Tachandra and her twins May 2017
May 2017 Woolies on The Corner~!
Ewes July 17 2018
Shearing  2018
2019 lambs will start to arrive the first of March
This page is for Reference purpose only.
  I sold my Flock of Baby Dolls in 2019. I enjoyed them for years. 
Thankx for looking.