Welcome To Dexter Corner
   Welcome to Dexter Corner.
Located in South Central Illinois.
I am Tim O'Donnell, I have owned Jersey cattle since purchasing my first cow in August 1974. For years I raised and have shown standard-size Jerseys.  My love for the Jersey cow was inherited from my Grandma as a young boy.  Now, 40 years later, I still have the same affection for this unique breed.  In 1993, I was introduced to the miniature Jersey breed.  I instantly fell for these unique and personable little creatures.
  Over a 2-year period I traveled through 11 different states over 10, 000 miles searching for and acquiring as much information possible regarding this small breed of cattle.  In my travels I was able to purchase several head of little Jerseys from 4 different breeders.  With the purchase of these cows and a bull thus started the Dexter Corner breeding program.
I have been dedicated to the promotion and protection of this breed for  over 20 yrs now. Some of the people interested in this breed of small cattle are the small acreage farmer and back to nature type people wanting a family cow for milk, for cheese, butter, ice cream, cottage cheese and meat.  They are also ideal for the petting zoos.  Still today, the demand is much greater than the supply.
  Most of the cattle pictured on the first page of this site are all pure bred   Lessor Jersey's.  They are not cross bred animals!
  My breeding program is about breeding the best small Dairy type cow possible. With good feet and legs and a well attached udder.  I {DO NOT}  breed my cattle to see how small of an animal I can produce. Or Breed for just  A2A2.  I have learned over the years that a cow that is approx 40 to 42' tall is  much more desirable .  They also have  less calving problems at 2 years of age.
Some of my accomplishments thus far are: 
1.   I introduced the miniature Jersey breed nationally and internationally.
2.   First breeder to have a web-site on the Internet informing interested parties of this unique breed.
3.   First breeder to have semen drawn and to offer it for sale nationally.
4.   I composed the breed traits and guidelines accepted by the I.M.C.B.S. for registration.
 5 Been recognized for being the so called  
 "God Father" of these unique little breed of Jerseys.
Tim    still milking Little Jerseys .
Now in his 40th year.  

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For more pricing and availability contact me at:  timothydavid56@hotmail.com
or phone
618 / 483-5081
Tim in 1974 milking his first cow "Abby".
Grandma Mueller at age 78 milking my first Jersey.  She taught me how to milk and I inherited my love for the Jersey cow from my Grandma's!
Grandma died in 1993 at the age of 97.  She never lost her interest in the Little Jersey cow.
               " Gone but never forgotten"

Great Grandma Amanda O'Donnell with "Daisy" her pet Jersey.  This picture was taken around 1935.  
Jersey's have played a part in the O'Donnell family for well over a half a century.

Daddy Tim and Tiffany & Bessie  1981
     Dexter Corner  "ORLANDO "  
 42" tall  at 9yrs . He sired over 250 calves in the last 8 years.
One of the Best of the Breed~!  Neg for BD1 gene A1/A1.
 Sire Dexter Corner Butler  /   Dam Dexter Corner Bubbles
"ALL MY CHILDREN"  (Dear Ones)
Note: Dexter Corner Farm is named after the Former town where I live.
I live on the Corner of Rt 40 and The DEXTER Road
             Thus    "DEXTER CORNER"
Is not associated with the Dexter Breed of cattle in any way !
 Please Contact me if interested in the Down sizing Program~! Designed so that all can afford a Small Family milk cow~!
Papaw Tim Alexis & Ryan 2013 (32 yrs later) with Lotta Luv
DC Bubbles 38" at 6 yrs produced over 50lbs milk at her peak in her 4th lactation
March 2000 --  July 2006
Dam of DC Orlando

Grandma, Gone but (Never) Forgotten
The Down sizing program is when you take a smaller framed Standard size Jersey cow
Breed her to a Mini Jersey either by A.I. or live coverage and down size the offspring.
Usually in a couple breedings you will have a real nice small framed family milk cow.
 It does work. I have been helping interested breeders with this program for the past 15 years, Call me for more details.
DC Prince JB Royal T 43" at 4 Years 
 Sire DC GJ Johnny Bob 
 Dam  DC Princess Grace Ann

Support the fight against Breast CancerSupport the fight against Breast Cancer
 They have all your mini cattle halter needs
Tim O'Donnell
10925 N 640th St
Altamont , Illinois
618 483 5081 Home
217 821 5081 cell
Sire of DC Malady Luv
DC Tiny Luv  41" 
at 6 yrs of age
Sire DC Orlando
Dam DC Dotty Luv
4 heifers in 4 years~!

It's all about Family
Princess Grace Ann  Dam of RoyalT
DC Johnny Bob Sire of RoyalT
Tim & Rosemary O'Donnell   
Tffany Lee O'Donnell Feldhake
DC Lotta Luv   39" 3 yrs of age .   Sire Bedrocks Reno    Dam DC Tiny Luv  A1/A1
had a bull calf sired by Lil Dream  "DC Dreamer"
 Grand Dam  DC Blossom  38" at 10 yrs
The Mother
.DC Dotty Luv June 2002 -- July 2011 
    "The Perfect Mini Jersey cow"
 Pic taken 2003
Call or Email for available cattle For Sale
618 483 5081 H 217 821 5081 Cell
DC Dotty Luv  Dam of DC Tiny Luv Grand Dam of DC Lotta Luv   Below
DC Roxanne  Dam of DC Dotty Luv
Grand Dam of DC Tiny Luv 
Great Grand Dam of DC Lotta Luv
DC Sweet Pea  Great  Great  Grand Dam of Lotta Luv 40"  at  14 yrs
1998 - 2010
1995- 2009
 =   Deceased
Joe 11 yrs old
DC Butler 
   Sire of DC Orlando
Grand Sire of DC Boy George
All pictures & information on this site are the property of  Dexter Corner Lessor Jerseys. Permission must be granted by the owner before copying them.
Plenty milk for all critters
Tim O'Donnell
10925 N 640th St
Altamont, Il
618 483 5081
Princess Grace Cow Family
DC Princess Grace LC
Shower 2 months
Meadow Beauty Fancy    Dam of DC Fanciful Shower
DC Bob Honey  Grand sire  to JB Royal T
 Meadow Beauty's "LiL Dream"
 42" at 6 years of age
 Sire  DC Billy Jack
Dam Meadow Beauty's Daisy
 He has the Perfect head
Dish face / Baby Doll Head~!
Meadow Beauty "LiL Dream"  Sired 3 bull calves and 1 heifer in 2014 here on The Corner
Meadow Beauty Fancy Full Sister to Dream
Daisy   Dam of  Dream        
Royal T   Dec, 2012
A1/A2  Beta Casein tested
Lotta Luv.
Tiny Luv
Memory Lane
DC Malady Luv 40" at 2 yrs. Sire DC Boy George   Dam DC Tiny Luv   A1/A1
Memory Lane 1/2 Sister to Dream
Great Dexter Corner Mini Jersey Bulls from the Past and Present all of the  Rudabaga Linage
Bedrocks Reno  Sire   / Dotty GrandDam of Lotta Luv.
Tiffany,  daughter of Lil Dream
a sister to Bedrocks Reno
Calves sired by Royal T 2013/2014
Royal T  June 2013
DC Princess Grace L.C.  
83 heifers & 42 bull calves sired by Royal T   in 2013/2014
as of June 25, 2014
Royal is A1A1
He has been tested for the BD1 gene and is Negitive.
Barnyards Mini  Miss Kitty
Born  May 20 /.2008 
 42" at  6 years
Sire Barnyard Mini Heart Throb        
Dam  Barnyard Mini  Miss  Shelly
Kitty had a heifer calf Sired by
Hunting Creeks PJ On May12 /14
   A1/A2. Producing 30lbs milk per day.
Dexter Corner Buttercup  A1/A2
  41" at 7 yrs
Sire DC Bob Honey
Dam DC Petals

Produced 35 LBS MILK 

Home of the "Gold Standard" 
Lessor Jersey cattle
2 Daughters of  Buttercup 
Heart Throb Sire of Miss Kitty
Miss Shelly Dam of Miss Kitty 2008
The "God Father "   Tim
 and  his first  Jersey cow  Abby .August 1974
Passed Jan12/2014 12 yrs old
My cattle are registered with the IMCBR.
Malady Luv 2 yrs 40" had a bull calf (Prisoner) AKA Inmate 5114.
sired by Dream  on April 1st 2014.
Producing 25 lbs of milk  milking once a day. 120 days into lactation.
Buttercup Laying in the cow nest  May 30 2014

Kitty  May 13 2014
Rear view.     Great udder~!
Rear view
Bull calves born 4/1/2014
Alexis feeding DC Eben March 2014
Lotta is producing 23lbs of milk per day
 Milking 1Xa day. 18 wks into lactation
Kitty Heavy with calf  May10 2014
Kittys heifer calf born May 12  2014
2014 calves
DC Fanciful Shower
40" at 2 years
Had a heifer calf June 5, 2014
Sired by Li Dream
Sire DC Royal T
Dam Meadow Beauty Fancy
Rosemary 1974
DC Petals    at age 12                DC Bob Honey 
Dam and Sire of DC Buttercup
RR Tristan  DC Buttercup  May 30/2014
     Buttercup            Kitty                   Tiny Luv 
Heifer calf sired by Dream  ( IZZY )  A1/A2
Producing 25lbs milk per day .Milking once a day~!
Izabella  { Izzy }   A1/A2
Cattle Currently  FOR SALE
I {Do Not} concentrate on the A2/A2 gene in my breeding program. IMO, there has not been enough information/proof  to date to make it a priority..
Dexter Corner Mini Jerseys is no longer associated with the Miniature Jersey Herd Book /Registry
I would not recommend that anyone list or register their cattle with that association.
​All Dexter Corner cattle will continue to be Registered with the I.M.C.B.R.
CD MayLee
Born April 15 / 2014
Sire GJ Jethro / Dam LV Acres Ada Grand Sire Johnny Bob / G Grand Sire DC Bob Honey
The Bovine Beauties are For Sale in NY State
call Alice  at 
  315 364 7417 or awsheerer@gmail.com  for details 
DC Jack LaLane  sired by Li Dream 2014
DC Petals Dam to DC Buttercup
Cows at Feeder Nov 2014
Full Moon Farm's Mama's Sweet Tea 
Born June 15, 2013  41" at 18 months
Sire DC Dunkin  GSire DC Lolamie GDam DC Amberlynne
Dam DC Daisy GSire Johnny Bob /Purebred Jersey cow
Being bred to DC M&M Buster Brown for a  summer 2015 calf
Dexter Corner Izabella Rosilini
born  June 5  2014   A1/A2
Sire  Lil Dream
Dam DC Fanciful Shower 
34" at 5 months